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QR rack?

Mikey2Mikey2 Posts: 31
edited July 2011 in Commuting general
Im looking for a QR rack that I can whip on and off my Spesh Secteur when commuting. I dont want a permanently fitted rack, as its my only bike and use it over eves/weekends etc.

So I can only see the Topeak MTX;

Anyone have any views on these? or alternatives?

Also i had a look at the MTX rack bag (in my LBS) with foldaway paniers and wasnt that impressed. The panniers seemed very thin/flimsy and for £70 seems a bit over priced. Could any set of paniers be fitted to the MTX rack if i wanted to? Realise i need the side frames as well...



  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,486 Lives Here
    I used one, not a Topeak, and found it to be a pain. It moved around, however tightly it was fastened. It would cause the seat post to gradually creep down, so I'd have to readjust the seat on a regular basis. I then bought a lightweight fixed rack, much lighter than clamp on, lower c of g, doesn't move.
  • clarkey catclarkey cat Posts: 3,641
    TBH a rack takes about 60 seconds to put on / take off. Just four allen key bolts.
  • rf6rf6 Posts: 323
    +1 to the above posts

    used one, and it was a complete pain in the @ss. they move around when you hit a bump, and i found i was stopping a lot to move it back.

    went to a full rack, and much prefer it. they come on and off in no time. i'd honestly advise you to steer clear.
  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    How much room do you need?

    I'd go down the Carradice route if quite a bit and get one of their saddle bags. If you only need to hold a few items an Ortlieb large saddle bag is perfect. ... addle-bag/
  • Mikey2Mikey2 Posts: 31
    Thanks for you views...

    Currently I take a change of clothes, trousers, shirt, shoes etc. Plus waterproofs, small tools and the like. This would perhaps squeeze into a rack bag, but a saddle bag I think would be too small?

    Also have to take a laptop to and from home a lot of the time, which makes the current backpack too heavy for comfort.

    Any recommendations what rack bag or panniers would carry change of clothes, laptop, lunch plus a few bits and bobs, if I went for a full rack??

    Cheers again
  • clarkey catclarkey cat Posts: 3,641
    My combo (when loaded up) is:


    either side:


    and for shirt (fits on to top of rack):

  • mossychopsmossychops Posts: 262
    I have the Topeak set. You can use any panniers with the rack (the advantage of the Topeak rack is that it has quick release and takes a couple of seconds to take the bag off the rack).

    It's an expensive system, rack + side pieces + bag + rain cover all sold seperately but for commuting I thought it was excellent.

    Not had any issues with the quality of this (agreed the side pockets seem thin, but have held cans of beer coming back from the supermarket no issues), rain cover is very good too. Whole system is pretty light and I can put it on my full suss and the road bike (neither can take a normal rack).
  • mossychopsmossychops Posts: 262
    I could also get a netbook in the top part or a laptop in the panniers. I used an Expedition Equipment Laptop Dry Bag (for the full size laptop - guaranteed waterproof and nicely padded (makes loading and unloading easier too and less likely to fumble and drop the laptop). I also used an Eagle Creek Pack It shirt carrier in the panniers to keep a shirt crease free.


    Shirt folder/carrier
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