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joelsimjoelsim Posts: 7,552
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I got my bike through the Halfords C2W scheme, and before I purchased I was a bit concerned by the reports plus the couple of stores I'd been into to enquire about the Boardman I wanted, basically I knew more than they did.

Anyhow I reserved one online saving £100. They kept the bike an extra week and a half after the promotion finished, yet still gave me the discount.

The bike was set up very well, not a squeek anywhere.

The guys at the store seem to be enthusiasts.

They have just done my 6 week check and I changed the day the day before it had been booked in, again not a problem.

They fitted a set of clipless pedals for free too.

And finally they went rifling through the storeroom for some reflectors for my 4 year old and then just gave them to him, no charge.

My expectations were low, but I've been proved wrong in this instance. Well done Halfords Kingston especially Doug and Rob.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    as with all things it depends on the store. some are great some less so.
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  • mouthmouth Posts: 1,195
    Had no problems with my Carrera either TBH. Also no issues with my son's Apollo either. Except for they built the 20" one instead of the 24". 30 mins to build the proper one and some free lights later, no real issue. Stores both in Nottingham.
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  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    OP - which store?

    I was in Halfords Huntingdon on saturday and one of the "servicing" guys was using a LARGE pair of molegrips to take out a cap allen key bolt securing the front mudguard stay to the front fork on some one's new bike in for service. I winced and thought no!!!!! If I buy a Boardman from them I take it boxed and build it myself. There was a pretty good guy there but he left last year.
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  • joelsimjoelsim Posts: 7,552
    Kingston town centre
  • cloggsycloggsy Posts: 243
    I don't have any issues with Halfords either, but it does depend on who serves you in the store...

    I love my Boardman to bits!
  • Jason82Jason82 Posts: 142
    Woking Halfords also seem to be good I love my Boardman CX not that I know alot about bikes to compare but it weighs nothing compared to my MTB that I have had for years.
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  • MattJ88MattJ88 Posts: 41
    Halfords better have some answers for me tomorrow.

    I ordered a bike in last Tuesday, been waiting for it to arrive ever since .. no phone call arrived but website showing stock - although price has now increased ?!

    I hope they honour the price it was last week when I ordered it in ... because that's the value of the LOC I ordered for the C2W scheme!
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