I'll soon be fitting my first ever set of cables.

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Any advise.
The Jagwire Youtube video makes it look a piece of wee-wee and all done in less than 10 mins.

I'm somewhat apprehensive, so any tips now might save a lot of time later, and will certainly stop me filling up this board.

Oh I'm installing Veloce Ergo levers.


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    If you've got the old outers look at them for length comparison and you might need to change the length depending on the routing being to your liking. The hardest thing will be retaping the bars.
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    I would also suggest doing it one cable at a time - ie take off brake cable, for example, rear cable outer. Match cable outer to new one, put cable outer on and tape into place. Carry on in the same vein until job jobbed.

    Once you have done this with all outers, then do the inner cables - remember, thicker is brake, thinner is gear. The ferrules will also be different size to accommodate the brake/gear cables.

    This stops you pulling off all the old cables, throwing them into next door's garden then sitting there with a bunch of new outers not sure what goes where.

    If the Jagwire outers don't come pre-cut, it also means that you can match up the cable outer you are working in, cut the new cable outer to length, fit and and then carry on.

    When putting the inners in, don't do it up FT until you are sure they are at the right tension, otherwise you'll have crimping marks all over the cables - a new LBS that I won't be using again did this to my brand new set of Gore Pros on the front mech when fitting them to my new Red g/set and it looks freakin' gash - like someone has held it in place with their teeth and lets the whole shebang down. My fault for being too busy to do it myself though …….

    Remember also to look pro and have the "Jagwire" writing on the outside - ie showing - side of the cable.

    It's actually a really nice job to do - very relaxing.

    Also remember to have everything spotlessly clean before starting - a perfect excuse to spend a couple of hours degreasing, washing, drying, greasing and giving everything a once over.


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    start with the rear brake, it's the least important, so best place for practice

    then do the front mech

    finally the exotica of rear mech and life or death front brake
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  • Buy proper cutters. Using shite cutters results in a gnawed cable and very sloppy shifting. Even if you have some cable cutters from Halfords, buy some decent ones. I have Pedro's ones, and they're very good. Also, a squirt of GT85 in the outers before you run the inner through makes for lovely shifting.

    It is an easy job, and doesn't take too long at all. You'll get better with practice, too.
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    Second that about the cutters. Also a tip I picked up off here is to have some inner cable inside when cutting just to help stop the outer getting crushed - I've never actually had occasion to use that tip yet but it can't do any harm.

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