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What next after an Isla Luath 26?

zebra67zebra67 Posts: 113
11yo son ready to move on, we are looking at
Trek 1.1: ... -11-42493/

He does road training & races, bit of touring with dad (not had his own rack yet, though).

Any opinions? What have you done when your kids outgrew kid size bikes? We have a garage full of Islabikes, so just fancied something different besides Luath 700. Can't get our brains around Pinarello options.


  • Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 7,137
    I like the idea of cross bikes for kids that they can use on or off road - when mine grow out of their current ones (Isla 26 and Kona Jake 2-4) I'd consider building up something like a Paul Milnes frame so I can use old/spare parts from my own bikes - wheels etc.

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  • Mike HealeyMike Healey Posts: 1,023
    Judging by the bikes in the National Youth champs last Sunday, I'd suggest Wilier, Pinarello, in fact a selection of any Italian makes, Scott, Principia ..... etc.

    Oh, and the odd Luath 700
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