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my cannondales first upgrade

fat lad in lycrafat lad in lycra Posts: 93
edited July 2011 in Your road bikes

new kinetic ones and some new matching tyres :lol:


  • NeilMickNeilMick Posts: 98
    How big is that frame? :shock:
  • niblueniblue Posts: 1,387
    I was going to comment on the state of that wall but them I noticed just how big the frame was and decided just to say "nice bike"...
  • andy46andy46 Posts: 1,666
    Very nice, but I must admit my first thought was thats HUGE!!
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  • its 6ft 4" and built like a brick sh*t house :lol: and fits me perfectly...must admit my wall need pointing :D
  • Hals1967Hals1967 Posts: 231
    Those K1 wheels look great, love the matching rubber dog bone too ! Nice touch :wink:

    1967 Engine
  • wilkij1975wilkij1975 Posts: 531
    Good man! Same bike as me and the same size :D

    I was thinking of getting some of those wheels too but was unsure as i'm a bit hefty too. How are you finding them?
  • havent been out yet on them but there better built than what was on, im a pretty hefty bloke at 19st 7lbs and would think they'll do the job, time will tell tho :D
  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    Nice :-) Great colour scheme.

    Is that a CAAD8? - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • yep a caad8 :lol:
  • jimmys85jimmys85 Posts: 39
    Is it just me that can't see the image?
  • roddixonroddixon Posts: 100
  • theotherjaketheotherjake Posts: 237
    Ive been looking at those wheels for my CAAD8, how do they compare weight wise to the stock wheels? [R3.0].

  • first ride today a 30 miler, hard to say what they were like as i was into a head wind almost the whole duration, but they seem better than the stock (so they should be) they also roll a lot better :D , as for the weight i havent got a clue and to be honest the weight isnt going to make any difference to me....being almost 20st :? :lol:
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