Call Charges

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Might sound stupid but I dont know a great deal about landlines. Do you get charged if you dont dial a number but press the 'green phone'?


  • anto164
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    so you're asking.. Do you get charged for typing in a number, but not calling it?

    Of course not!

  • MountainMonster
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    Ah, you mean if you just connect the line, but to nowhere?

    Seems pointless to ask, but i'd assume not, as your not connected to another line.
  • lifeform
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    If the call is connected to somewhere, anywhere, then yes - although obviously that depends on your call provider and the tariff you're on.

    If you simply press the green button, and nothing is dialled, then no - it's no different to lifting the reciever on the old rotary dial phones.
  • Jordan93
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    :oops: I just needed to ask to clarify, common sense told me that it wouldnt but you never know :lol: