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Im looking for a selle italia turbo 1980 2011 saddle

Ezy RiderEzy Rider Posts: 415
edited July 2011 in Road beginners
the ritchey biomax pro just isnt working out for me :cry: , out today and had a great ride , very good speed and all that , but just cant get comfortable with that very keen to try one of those turbos , any of you guys know where i can pick one up at a good price ? im trying to get £25 posted for the biomax pro if anybody is interested in giving it a go , only used 4 times and its the white one.


  • MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
    It's because you have still been a bum and bought the cheapest shorts you can find. As I always say, give bibs a try rather than switching every f**king saddle you get.

    You'd save alot of money in the end, and be happy. Just censored some cash on decent bibs ffs.
  • Ezy RiderEzy Rider Posts: 415
    isnt this peculiar, to buy direct from wiggle it is £42.29, if i went to shopzilla or amazon,i can buy it from them for £37.59 delivered :? :!:

    delivery time from wiggle is rapid so id like to buy it thru the website, ive mailed them to find out what is going on.
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