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ive had my bike a for a few days now and i been out riding on it 3 times and on each occasion i have noticed the gears slipping in 3rd and fourth gear on the second chain and its really annoying.
is this normal for a new bike or shall i degrease the chain and re-lube to see if that solves the issue?

appols for such a noob question. :oops:


  • nicklouse
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    sounds like gear set up issues. normally the cable tension. have a read of the info on Parktools.
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  • cheers for the info nicklouse i will have a look at that now, not good when you select a gear to climb then it slips :x also it gives me more time to spend with my bike lol.
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  • ok i have had a read of the info provided and used my good friend google and i seem to have fixed the issue. i have turned some screws anti clockwise around the dereliuer (sp)
    and had a quick clean up around that specific area, also as a good measure i have also applied some brake cleaner to the discs as they were making a strange noise.

    just back from a ride around the block and both issues seem to have been fixed and gear changes are nice and smooth and no clicking noise either. i suppose with new bikes this is to be expected and all part of a learning curve for me.

    cheers again for your input.
  • joey21
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    Be careful with the limit screws if you are not too sure about mech set ups as this could be an expensive mistake, if your gears were jumping mid range this is usually a cable tension issue which can be resolved using the barrel adjuster. I recommend checking the limits are set properly.