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My Bikes - De Rosa, Bianchi, Kuota

richard_rrichard_r Posts: 12
edited July 2011 in Your road bikes
Hi everyone

Here's a quick selection of my bikes..

2010 De Rosa King 3, Super Record 11, Shamal wheels, Deda 100 bar/stem.


2006 Bianchi FG Lite, Danilo Di Luca replica. This version was made in small numbers to celebrate his 2005 Pro Tour victory. I had to look long and hard to find one in my size, but it's a beautiful bike to ride (probably my current favourite). I've built it up with Record 11, Shamal wheels and Deda 100 bar/stem


2008 Bianchi 1885, Centaur 10, Shamal wheels, Deda bar/stem. I really love this bike. It's heavy by modern standards but great fun to ride. I'm thinking of ungrading the groupset over the winter.


and finally, 2010 Kuota Kebel, Sram Force, Mavic wheels, Deda bar/stem. A good all round bike, but I think the styling will date very quickly.



  • saintdraculasaintdracula Posts: 232
    Wow, really great! You certainly love Italian bikes~
  • MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
    Lovely collection, definitely jealousy inspiring!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Very nice. Your definitely a fan of Shamal wheels then. ;)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    ...and Deda bars and stems.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    ...and Deda bars and stems.
  • richard_rrichard_r Posts: 12
    I thought someone would say that! The roads aren't great were I live so I need a strong and (fairly) light wheel. Shamals have always hit the spot for me, so I don't usually bother looking elsewhere.

    Deda just seem comfy, so again I stick with what I know. A little boring perhaps...
  • west greenwest green Posts: 134
    Hi - just wondering if you got the FG lite in the UK, never seen an FG Lite in that colour,and I haven't spotted any in a size 50 for myself, yet! My holy grail is the white version in carbon or Titanium, but I'm more likely to come across a Unicorn.
  • richard_rrichard_r Posts: 12
    Hi West Green

    Thanks for taking an interest. FG Lites are difficult to get a hold of nowadays! I was searching for 18 months, but eventually found a guy in Germany who had this one. Keep looking on ebay and I'm sure one will come up for you. Good luck in your search.

    It's worthwhile keeping an eye out - even today, they can hold their own against most carbon bikes. The King 3 is very good, but I'm aways impressed by the FG when I take it out.
  • maxh5100maxh5100 Posts: 38
    What a great collection!

    Especially like the De Rosa
  • west greenwest green Posts: 134
    Thanks for the tip, I managed to get a Fizik Liquigas saddle from Germany, so looks like I have to cast my net a bit further. Most reviews I've read of this frame, rave on about how good it is but with a collection like yours it would be fair to say that you can make a good comparison. Makes it worth hunting down, what size frame is yours?
  • richard_rrichard_r Posts: 12
    Both the Bianchi's are size 59, but the picture makes the FG look a little bigger than it is in the flesh.
  • dawebbodawebbo Posts: 456
    Nice collection, I agree that the FG lite looks the nicest. Assume the 1885 is the "training" bike, do the other 2 get much road time?
  • richard_rrichard_r Posts: 12
    The weather's quite good at the moment so the King and FG are used the most. I tend to use the Kuota in the spring / autumn. I've actually got a Bianchi Mono Q as well (not pictured - this one's on loan to my girlfriend) and a Trek with full mudguards for when the weather gets really grotty! All have their own good and bad points - but on balance the FG is my favourite.
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