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I have a 2011 Kuota Kebel (very nice) and have now started to increase my riding, training, and even racing. Of course I'm thinking about upgrades, and the first thing to think about is the wheels.

My current build has Mavic Aksiums, which are certainly serviceable, but not particularly aero, and not particularly light, either. Conventional wisdom dictates I upgrade to a set of wheels at least twice as expensive as the Aksiums, but I'm really not sure what to look at, or how much more to spend to see a noticeable difference.

I can't stretch to Zipps, but I'd like to make a purchase that'll last a few years. Any advice on a good first upgrade wheel package? I do a mixture of Duathlon/Triathlon and some sportives.



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    Somebody will be along in a moment to reccommend Shimano RS80's
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    Someone told me that the Fulcrum 7's were the best wheelset upgrade for under £350 (I assume that was from a review/consensus somewhere?)
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  • Faroon
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    But are the Fulcrum 7s significantly better than the Aksiums? No point getting a wee upgrade...
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    Well.... I want to spend enough to get a significant upgrade over the Aksiums, without spening £800 per wheel on Zipps.
  • Faroon wrote:
    But are the Fulcrum 7s significantly better than the Aksiums? No point getting a wee upgrade...

    No, fulcrum 1's maybe or Mavic Ksyrium Elites
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    I have the 2010 Kebel and its the muts nuts in my opinion. I stuck a set of Mavic cosmic carbones on which cost £700 sheets and have been very happy thus far. Cant really talk about them relative to other brands at the same price point as ive only ridden the cosmics and bontrager aeolus 5.0s which are also bloody nice (apart from the carbon rim breaking issue) and defo not as cheap as £700!

    They might be a few quid more than the twice the price idea you mention but ive never had any regrets. They are not the llightest but they saved me about 350g compared with the aksiums. So if aero is what you want then they are a bit good for the money but then again planet x do a cheaper set but im sure others can try to sell you them instead of me.

    Happy hunting.

    Also the kebel looks bloody ace with the aero 50mm wheels on, all i get is very good commets from folk which is good cos im a bit of a form over function type, but he ho they have made me happpy.

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    Good to know that the Kebel will tolerate such expensive wheels as the Carbones - not sure I can stretch to them just yet, but the Ksyrium SLs look a near bet......