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C'dale Jekyll 3 Build - Updated SEPTEMBER



  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94
    Anyone know where I can get a set of 1.2mm Power Cordz cables around in the UK?
  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94
    Thanks ordered :)
  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94
    Well I got a new stem to change it from 60mm to 80mm to give it that little extra.
    So same stem but longer :)
    Truvativ AKA 80mm stem.
    This time I used the scales and the Ti bolts.

    Before with the original bolts.

    After with Ti bolts:
  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94
    A few gooides just turned up so pic time!

    Power Cordz cables:

    MRP XCG Mount

    New Ulitimate Bottle Cage

    Carbon Ti seat clamp

    Random bolts and stuff

    Lastly Reset Racing spacers

    Will post some pics when they installed...
  • where you get all your cvoloured bolts from mate?
  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94

    Delivery was a few days, but some good stuff from there :)
  • whats on there? bottle bolts, stems etc....
  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94
    On where?
    My bike or on the website?
  • in the bag mate sorry lol
  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94
    Haha np...

    So far its for the handle bar mounts...
    And the derailer cable stops..

    I have already replaced the stem bolts, and got a few other things to do as I go along :)
  • just looked at site looks very nice,
  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94
    Flippen bolts were wrong size, M3 instead of M4 :(
    Oh well...
  • GreggorsGreggors Posts: 53
    Why not ditch the bottle holder? Will save you 750g of water on your bike that you can put in a camelbak etc.
  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94
    Agreed, and this holder does not actually hold my ICE bottle funnily enough.

    But I wanted something as I do a few local trails close to home, that dont require a full on Camelbak, altho I have one for when I go away to cycling weekends.

    So for close to home, shorter trails I wanted a bottle with a bit of water.

    But as it doesnt fit, no point lol...
  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94
    So some new goodies arrived today:

    XTR Shifters to replace the crappy SLX ones:

    And Yumeya white housing, should look nice on my frame:

    Will post some more pics when I get around to installing them...
  • SavellMSavellM Posts: 94
    Pic of the XTR shifters with PowerCordz cables!
  • Got some new toys...

    M985 SGS rear Mech

    Also a new XTR front Mech

    I'll try putting them on asap, and send you updates with the new cabling and new mechs :D
  • Updated the OP with some more images of a complete bike...
    Im happy for now :)

    Will upgrade now in the future only. Gotta start saving again haha.

    Looks good with the white cables and XTR stuff...
  • chick0chick0 Posts: 338
    Seems like all the Jekyll 3's are the same as yours ?

    And it looks very cool with the Lefty :)

  • Aye as far as im aware all the Jekyll 3's are the same redish colour...
    But in the advertisement it has black on the top where the red is...
    I prefer that, but im not that opposed to the Red :)

    Look at the colour that is on the cannondale website: ... egory/328/
  • chick0chick0 Posts: 338
    I don't think their is much in it between having the black section or not, both are just as cool to my eyes.

    Question - Where did you get your Carbon Ti seat clamp?
  • chick0chick0 Posts: 338
    DYAD set-up discussions; ... 92684.html ... 19219.html

    Seems like everyone is running there shocks at a much lower pressure then suggested on the pressures chart...
  • Errr got it from somewhere in Germany I think... ... telklemmer

    There you go :)

    Thanks for the links, gonna give them a good read now :)
  • chick0chick0 Posts: 338
    Hows things going with your Jekyll ?

    I would love to hear what pressures and rebounds you set your shock at.

    I received the frame, and have started to collect all the parts for the build, should be finished in a matter of weeks, i hope.


    Here's my thread if you fancy a look
  • Hey chick0!

    Ye already been looking at your post :)

    Man I cannot remember what settings I have set it at.
    I have been super busy lately so havnt had much chance to go out.
    I have a trip planned for a long weekend, the following weekend so hopefully will give me a good time to test it out and push it a bit more than my local trails...

    Will let you know how it goes.
  • chick0chick0 Posts: 338
    No worries, im sure once i finally get it built up and riding i will be playing around a lot with the rear shock until i get it dialled for me.

    Where are you going on your trip ?
  • Afan Forest :)
    Should be a good blast me and 1 mate.

    My first proper test of this beast.
  • So Afan was good...
    Had a good laugh.

    Bike was awesome climbing, much better and controllable than my old Trek Fuel Ex...
    Few things to note, ground clearance seems less, I whacked my cranks a few times. Along with my pedals which seem to be lower too... Just a bit of getting used to but climbing up over rocks is good unless you beach it.

    Downhill is freaking ace on this bike, beats everything else... The 150mm is superb and sucks up bumps and knocks nicely. Could really feel confident when bombing down a hill. Even tho it was my first ride and I wasnt that confident yet with it, you could really pump it and still feel in control. The Centre Stiffness works well too :)
  • chick0chick0 Posts: 338
    Glad to hear your loving it and its delivering on its promises :)
    I have heard a few people report that in flow mode that the BB is low, but a low centre of gravity is a good thing for down hill bombing, so its been done for a reason :)

    Do you find that you needed to drop your TALAS when on steep climbs? Or did the front stay planted at 150mm? Can you feel the geometry being altered in the 90mm Elevate mode to aid climbing? I'm really asking as i would like to put a 50mm stem on mine, but not at the expense of making climbing unstable (is your Truvativ AKA stem 50mm?).

    Do you remember what pressures and settings you ran your shock at? Were you running it lower then recommended like what most owners seem to be doing ?
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