Garmin Edge 500 Buttons

Chris65 Posts: 41
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I am considering buying the 500.
Can anyone tell me how easy it is to operate the buttons in cold weather when heavy gloves are being worn.
Any other comments would be welcome.
I note in the review last year that one of the features missing is the max speed. Is this now available?


  • RDB66
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    Hi Chris, ive had mine for nearly a year now and its been a great bit of kit. I love it.

    You can use the buttons with gloves on, but once you've set it up with the functions you want to use, you dont really need to be pressing any.

    I think mine has the Max Speed on it. I know it deffo comes up with it when you Upload the data onto the Garmin Connect site.

    Get one mate you wont regret it.

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  • acidstrato
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    rest assured max speed is on it...
    and unless you wear boxing gloves during winter, pressing the 4 buttons is fine
    Crafted in Italy apparantly
  • noodleman
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    Max speed is available. As RDB66 says, you won't regret getting one.
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  • robmurr2000
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    Great piece of kit and no problem with the buttons in heavy gloves.