Sunblock and Biking

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Can anyone recommend any sunblock thats is high in factor and will work when you sweat. i'm faired skin and catch the sun if i'm not carefull. i've googled it but there are loads out there with mixed reviews. a spray one one would be good as its easy to apply then the cream stuff.

Thanks :)
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    I tend to burn if I see the Sun newspaper, let alone the big fiery ball, but the best solution I've found is to wear long sleeve tops, like the royal racing ones, or if I'm in short sleeves, just keep re-applying the suncream occasionally.
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    Get the spray on kids stuff. Any of the major brands work well if its waterproof even better.
    Top tip get one that dries to a clear finish, I really upset my two little ones when we somehow managed to get blue suncream and they looked like smurfs. The idea was you could see where you had applied it.
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    Oh man, when I was a kid I'd have LOVED blue sunblock! That sounds awesome.
    In fact, I'm tempted to go buy some now :D
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    My Mrs works in a dermatolgy dept and brought home samples of a gel sunblock last summer which was great. I think it was designed for sport as it dried really quick & didn't sweat off.

    I cant remember who made but I'll ask her. She did say it's quite a bit more expensive than the normal cream though.
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  • I use Banana Boat factor 50 when paddling, but if gets in the eyes it's murder so not on the forehead or anywhere where sweat can get it to the stuff sounds cool- Team Zombie colours!!
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    get some P20. It costs a lot but one dose lasts all day, and it wont sweat out.
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  • Aloe Gator or Prosport is what I use will not sweat or wash off.
    I've used it windsurfing in Egypt and got burnt through my rash vest not where the suncream was
  • I've just started using this stuff after reading good reviews: ... A-Day.html

    It goes on as a liquid, lasts all day and has UVA and UVB protection. It was that or the P20: ... creen-9809
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    benpinnick wrote:
    get some P20. It costs a lot but one dose lasts all day, and it wont sweat out.

    I know a few people now who use this and it appears to work excellently. Once i've worked through my current bottle/collection of bottles of suncream that's what i'm going for next.
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    I've heard good things about that Reimann, very good things indeed.
    Trouble is, it's only factor 20, right?
    Being a "daywalker", I need 40-50 on a hot day :(
  • +1 P20

    by the way dont look at the SPF as the only important thing.

    P20 just so you know has a 95% sunblock on all UVA and a very high UVB protection.

    SPF is mainly a marketing tool used by companies today to make people think their suncream is better than lower SPF rivals.

    30SPF-50 SPF differance is barely 1% protection


    Been using P20 while working outside by a pool side for 9 hours a day so let me just give a quick review.... 8)

    Easy to apply, though smell is rather wied at first but goes away once applied,only need to apply once, no need to apply again even if wet, just dab dry rather than rub dry and it stays on.

    I still unsure if you can tan with it on though so any comments on this area il leave to others, either way i have yet to be burnt when i have used this, yet i have been burnt when using other suncreams with SPF 50......hope this helps.
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    Reinman P20, better than factor 100 stuff I've picked up before. It's the only suncream that's kept me protected wherever I've been and it's waterproof.
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    Hmm, so you reckon it's an effective sunblock then? (I really do need a "block", most of the time, unfortunately).
  • Yes its effective, the one thing you just have to remember is not to apply it like a typical sunblock. ie apply 20 mins before going out ect.

    instead you apply about 90mins though 1 hour useally enough time tbh, before going out.

    It then sinks in and then its on all day long sweat and all. :wink:
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    |f you're referring to me, I've burnt in sub 10 degree heat before and that's kept me blindingly pale in the med when it's been 35 degrees. I do a fair bit of watersport and it keeps me nice and pale then also despite the water. So yeah it's the best stuff. Piz buin is also worth a look in, not so easy to apply and not as waterproof.
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    I was referring to "you guys" in general, but thanks everyone. I will be checking this stuff out then.
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    I'll sell you my skin, wish I could bloody tan!
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    I don't tan either you know. I just burn. Like a "Blade" reject.
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    Boots factor 50 kids sunblock ideal for peeps like me who burn under a 40 watt bulb. I think you could stand 2 miles away from a nuclear explosion and only get a light tan, I can put it on once and spend all day in the sun with no problem. Waterproof as well so doesnt run off when sweats running down your face.
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