Tyre Pressures - Conditions

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What are the thoughts on tyre pressures in wet/dry?

Is there a rule of thumb or some typical pressures to try?

I was a bit of a victim of wet roots the other week.

Thank you


  • nicklouse
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    have a look in the FAQs.

    there are to many variables.
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  • FunBus
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    Also worth noting, wet roots can and do claim victims no matter what tyre pressure you run.......
  • jon1993
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    best way is to experement your self no one on here will have the same conditions as your riding exactly generally though higher pressures on gripper surfaces to give less drag and more control - less pressure more grip as more of the tyre is in contact but more tyre roll on the rims less controlable and more drag so finding that balance will be unique to each surface
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