Cycling club near Lancaster (Bolton le Sands)

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I'm looking for a cycling club in the Lancaster area - I'm based in Bolton le Sands.

The choices seem to be Lune Valley (mainly racing from the looks of the website), Lancaster CC or Kent Valley CC.

I'm still on the weight loss journey at 17 stone and completed LEJOG in June, slow on the hills (fast on the downhills though) and thinking about entering 10 mile TTs.

Anyone offer advice on which isn't a balls out racing club ideal for me with 50-60 mile as my usual weekend rides?

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    If you go to Lancaster Town Hall they have leaflets (3 I think) called Ride It.

    They have maps of cycle routes and a list of all the cycling clubs in the area. Also have a look at the Lancaster City Council website, it might also have info on there.

    Hope this helps :D
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    Im from round your way (Morecambe). You dont happen to work at the power station do you? Think I saw some photos from your recent cross country cycle ride on the intranet.

    Ive seen quite afew groups cyling through BLS and up past Carnforth, they sometimes stop off at the pubs in Carnforth. It seems quite a popular route. Perhaps stop and chat to them if you spot them sometime.
  • Garstang have a very good club up that way:
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    Olly - are you a member of a club round your way?

    (sorry for the thread hijack)
  • No mate....Since having my little girl i can't guarantee getting out as much as i want. Went down to the Cleveleys club a few times and they seemed like alright guys (i know a couple of them too) once you get to know them......but i've heard really good things about the Garstang lot....

    Maybe in 3 years when my little lady starts school and can stay over at Nana's house i'll get out more than once a month! :?
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    i know the feeling - i have two young daughters also!

    i thought about looking into the clevelys club - they meet at singleton village hall so no excuse for me really.
  • lol...yeah i did a coast to coast with a few of them last year and i work with one of them too....Like i say, once you get to know them, they are good's just getting over the outcast type feeling you get when you turn up!

    They have helped us back to Blackpool on a couple of occasions when we've sat on the back of them coming back from Bowland...