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Reverb compatible rear mudguard

Vally7Vally7 Posts: 120
edited February 2012 in MTB buying advice

Since upgrading to a Rockshox Reverb I can no longer get my old mudguard on the bike. Can anyone recommend a mudguard that will attach somewhere other than the seat post?




  • Got exactly the same problem, crudcatcher wont fit any more :(
  • rhialtorhialto Posts: 277
    I had the same issue when I installed my Reverb. I tried several rear mudguards but I had a couple of issues: 1, the mudguard attached to the seatpost, which obviously doesn't work very well with a telescopic seatpost, and 2, if I attached it below the seatpost, when the rear shock was fully compressed the mudguard would buzz the tyre. I eventually found one that works on my bike (140mm travel Zesty):
    SKS X Blade Rear Mudguard, ... elID=25798

    I have attached it just below the Reverb collar and there is about 160mm of clearance between the mudguard and the tyre.

    As you can see, I have a few cm of clearance between the frame and the Reverb collar to attach it. I also experimented with attaching it to the collar - the strap is long enough to go around it - but the Reverb hose barb kept hitting the mudguard clamp and eventually broke. You might be able to attach it to the frame below the seatpost. It was too low for me.
  • I spotted this in a bike shop a few weeks ago.


    Don't know how much abuse it would take but I might give one a whirl. Its got to be better than mounting a Crud raceguard 150mm+ above the rear wheel?

    EDIT just found it for £11.99

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