New bike car/maintaince.

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Hey all. As you may know (or indeed guess) I'm new to road cycling so just seeking some advice on how to really look after my bike. I've heard something about washing the bike after every ride but just looking for more information if anyone can help. Thanks :)


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    I'm confused about the car maintenance mentioned in the thread title.

    Anyway, there are probably stickies about this around the place, but, unless you are riding on wet salty roads, you don't need to wash the bike after every ride.

    If it's dry I don't wash my road bike for weeks, same with my mtb, unless there is actual crap stuck to it.

    After a wet ride, summer or winter, I gently hose it down, and carefully lube essential parts.
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  • if it's dirty, wash it, and if it's not, don't! Don't be directing a power wash at the wheels or bottom bracket as you might blast out the grease. I just sponge down the frame and wheels with Autoglym car shampoo.

    My road bike gets a proper wash every two weeks or so, but it takes bloomin' ages! How far you go is up to you. Clean the drive train first - baby wipes are great for getting the worst gunk off. Then run the chain through a cleaning machine (essential) - best degreaser is White Spirit, but it's a pain to dispose of properly. If you're eco-conscious then B&Q sell "No Nonsense" degreaser by the gallon. The I remove the chain (KMC Missing Link is best for this) and finish the chain off in the kitchen sink. If you want to do a proper job the best way of cleaning the cassette is to simply remove it, but then it gets to the point where a good cleaning session amounts to a basic service!
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    I really don't remember adding "car" to the title? :S

    Honestly, that wasn't me.... :S

    But thanks for the advice.
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    Wait, I see it now. It's meant to read "New bike care/maintenance"!