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Tignes to Bourg St Maurice Video

nickm926nickm926 Posts: 35
edited July 2011 in The bottom bracket
Some of you may remember the video I uploaded of the descent of Col du Petit-Saint-Bernard. I finally edited some more footage of our trip to the alps and this is the latest video:



  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    Another great video, the tunnels scared the sh*t out of me as they are far worse than the ones on the descent of the Lauteret in my opinion.

    Did you carry on up from Tignes to Val D'Isere and the Iseran as I'd like to see one of those videos if you did. When I did that descent in July 2009 I was in full winter gear with it being 3C and a fresh cover of snow at the top but last year had similar conditions to you.

    Good music too
  • nickm926nickm926 Posts: 35
    Unfortunately we didn't go all the way to Col liseran as we were feeling pretty tired, pathetic I know! The tunnels were mental, 60km/h in the pitch black, the video really dosn't do that bit justice :(

    I have some more to edit and upload so I will post them up again when I have got round to it :)
  • DF33DF33 Posts: 732
    Fab. looking forward to the next vids.

    Until 2 years ago I used to live in Val d Isere (next to Tignes) from October to May every year. I know every inch and every bend on that road.

    Word of caution when descending it. 2 Major ski stations at the top of it, lots of traffic, lots of really bad accidents due to bad driving / overtaking decisions. Be especially careful over comparing it to the usual pass descents.

    I had the delights of coming across a crash, car statonary on a bend, piece of bone laying next to it and bone marrow down the side windows of the car.

    Teenager on a moped raced his friend, went wide on a bend, slid down the car side, wing mirror removed his entire knee. he was laying on the road with his leg wide open and no joint in it. Not much I could do for him at that point.
    Plenty of cyclist injuries similar to that on that road.

    It's a dodgy one.
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