Rear pannier racks for kids bikes

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Hi I need pannier rack for a child's bike with 12" wheels and nobody seems to make them. Does anybody know where I can purchase them or how to modify any already in existance?
We tried baskets on the front but I feel they would be better balanced with the weight on the back (not much weight but bulky like sandwiches and waterproofs etc) like an adult bike. I just cannot understand why there is this gap in the market. One of the bikes is an Islabike the other a Dawes blowfish.
Many thanks for any ideas :?


  • Daz555
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    12" wheel bike? 3yr old?

    Carry the stuff yourself you lazy sod! :wink:

    Having said that a lot of cheapo kids bikes for girls have a rear carrier (for dolls etc) so maybe you can get hold of one of those or copy the idea?

    Here is what I mean: ... a=N&tab=fi
    You only need two tools: WD40 and Duck Tape.
    If it doesn't move and should, use the WD40.
    If it shouldn't move and does, use the tape.
  • Nano
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    Lazy Sod ??????? I will have you know I ALWAYS carry enough gear for a two week trip even though I may be nipping to the shops :) You just never know when it will rain, go freezing cold, go boiling hot, I may get thirsty, hungry, need change of clothes, beach shelter, towel, extra rucksac may see things I REALLY need to buy, sleeping bag- may need an overnight stay.............
    Seriously, she copies everything and desperately wants to carry her own stuff and if I refuse lightweight simple sandwiches and jacket she sneaks on board extra shoes, lego,torch, soggy toast and 3 potatoes........
    Nobody will sell me the rack without the bike on the cheap ones but will try make one like you suggest.
    If you have one hanging around look after it well....I just may nip round one night and whip it off......lazy sod indeed :roll:
  • mroli
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    Nano - have you had a look at the racks for the Dahon folders - perhaps they would work? They go down to 16" perhaps so might be a solution?

    Or maybe just a seatpost rack if that would work? ... 27bcab33ad
  • Nano
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    Yes thanks I like the seatpost mounted one will try that I think. Never seen these before, with the amount that I carry I have always had the traditional ones. Then they will want real panniers :lol: ......they already have real diddy rucksacs for out walking....and No they don't understand the governments campaign for kids to get more exercise :wink::wink::wink: