TT/Aero bars?

lvquestpaddler Posts: 416
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Hi, can anyone recommend some cheap and cheerful bars? I've just lost enough weight so that my stomach isn't hitting off my thighs and would like some bars to improve aerodynamics.
I'd have to admit to being a bit of a fairweather roadie, and the bike will be going on the turbo from the end of October(That's winter big time where I am !) until spring, so there's no excuse for not training when snowed in, and I'd like to get to next spring used to the lower TT position when I plan to do more road cycling through next summer(keep the MTB'ing for more of a winter activity).
I have my road saddle pretty much level at the moment, should I drop the nose a fraction if I plan to do any length of time in the TT position or just MTFU and bear the pain?!
Any advice appreciated! :shock: