Can I justify it?

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Referring to my recent posts, you'll understand that I'm looking to purchase my first road bike..

After looking at the Cube range yesterday and being very happy with my Cube Acid (apart from the dreadful Rockshox Dart 3 forks..), I quite fancy a Cube bike.

When looking for reviews about the bottom three in the range, I found a review on BR that held the Attempt in very high regard which naturally made me want one.

On comparison though, I see the Peloton really isn't that different apart from the Tiagra groupset as opposed to the 105 groupset and slightly different tyres.

My greedy mind obviously wants the better model, but as a beginner, would I really notice the difference between the groupsets and tyres enough to justify the extra ££?


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    As a beginner you probably wouldn't notice the difference, but 6 months down the line you will probably wish you opted for the 'better model'
    If you can afford it now go for it, it will save you ££s in the long run should you wish to upgrade later, as you probably will.
  • Hmmmm....
  • Why can't I find any older models for sale? Can you not buy last year's models from anywhere?
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    Er cos they mostly sold them last year...
  • Fair enough. I just figured some dealers would still have left over stock.
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    Come September / October you'll probably find 2011 models being discounted as the 2012 models are released.
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  • Fair point.
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    In terms of feel probably not but the 105 is 10-speed and the Tiagra is 9-speed, having 10-speed now will give you easier upgrade options in future as bits wear out. Wheels are different as well although not sure how the EA30's compare to Fulcrum 7's. The Attempt is 0.5Kg lighter to which you'd probably notice.

    Whether those differences are enough to warrant spending another £150 is hard to say, personally I would.