Upgrade from mavic Kysrium Equippe

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Just looking for some suggestions on an upgrade on my current wheelset. Looking to spend £400-600 max. Looking for a set i can use for training and racing so need to be pretty durable but still be a significant improvement from my current wheels. Im a pretty light rider, 58kg, so don't need something absolutely bomb-proof just needs to withstand the odd pothole.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi there

    I was in the same position as you a few weeks back -looking to upgrade from my Mavic CXP22 wheelset. The Ksyrium Equipe's were on my list of options (currently £239 at merlin Cycles).

    However I was persuaded by several posters to upgrade my budget slightly and go for Shimano RS80's ( currently £329 at Merlin)

    http://www.merlincycles.co.uk/Bike+Shop ... r_2529.htm

    Wheels came from Merlin within 2 days of ordering. Now fitted and the difference is amazing. The RS 80's seem to float over the road and the freewheel is virtually silent so you get an impression that you are simply gliding along.

    Great wheelset - would thoroughly recommend them.
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    They seem to be a great deal but also tempted to stretch to the dura-ace c24. Write-ups on the RS80s are brilliant though. Thanks for the tip.v
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    If you plan to race and train, surely would be smart to keep your equipes and buy your racing wheels for racing or chainys?