Looking for new wheels

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Hi All,

I've recently discovered road cycling and am developing quickly. I've bought myself a Cube Agree GTC race. I'm looking at upgrading and am told the first port of call is wheels. My bike currently has Fulcrum 5's which are pretty cheap wheels. Any ideas of which wheel set to go for?



  • kim10
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    Loads of topics on here regarding the subject. I guess it depends on you budget and your style of riding. For what it's worth I upgraded to a pair of Shimano RS80, and love them, and the fact you can get them on offer in the region of £300 I think they are good value for money.
    Also consider a pait of bespoke build ones from a good wheel builder.
  • leech
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    I've got the 2010 GTC Agree Race with the Easton Vista SL's. Also looking to upgrade. I've been wondering whether the RS80's would make that much difference since they're only about 170g lighter than the Eastons. Nobody seems to have bad word for RS80's though.
    Thinking Dura Ace 7900 C24's or Fulcrum 1's (both a good price at Merlin). Then I've also wondered if Aero wheels would be a better option. No idea!

    If you make the change, post some feedback about any improvement you notice.