Edinburgh Cycles

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  • apxn98
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    Cannot comment on the bike but the company are fine. I've purchased a bike from them before with no problems. When the new bikes appear, then tend to heavily discount the previous models.
  • richk
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    I'd buy from them again.
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  • antikythera
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    Good folk to deal with and the bike looks like a good deal
  • seward4or5
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    Shame they don't do a larger size. I don't think the 58cm could be big enough for me. Oh well, a Pompino it is.
  • sheffsimon
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    Bought my youngest a bike for Christmas from EBC.

    No adjustments to brakes and gears required when it arrived, so all good.

    Plus he got a certificate with a photo of the mechanic who checked the bike dressed as one of Santa's Elves. :)
  • bompington
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    I've dealt with them a good bit, never bought a road (or track) machine from them but a few budget mtbs for all the family have all been good quality, I would guess the road bikes should be too.
  • seward4or5
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    I think the langster is lighter (off the top of my head, don't quote me on this), and I believe it has a carbon fork whilst the Edinburgh has a steel fork.

    Can't really comment on the other componets but suspect the Langster comes with a better chainset etc. Whether I'd actually notice the difference though...