Dry lube after wet lube

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My chain was lubricated with wet lube (which is very dirty and sticky) at my lbs when they tried to solve clicking problem. However, i used to use a dry lube on my chain. I have applied it and it actually removed most of the previous, wet one and it works well but the question is.. Is it correct to apply dry lube on wet? Advice appreciated :)


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    It might be best to clean the chain first if it's that dirty and sticky.

    That way you know that whatever lube you use, its getting to the places it needs to and doing it's job better.

    At the moment it may just be an expensive cleaning agent.
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    Pretty much all lubes these days seem to insist you need to thoroughly clean the chain before application, I rarely do though and don't get any problems. If it's just an ordinary dry lube then it will probably just end up thinning down the wet lube a bit, if it's a waxy dry lube then you could argue it might be a good idea, trapping the wet lube under a waxy layer so you get the benefits but not so much dirt attraction - in reality though it probably doesn't work out like that.
  • I have used both wet and dry (but not at the same time).

    The wet stuff generally ends up in the chain becoming an oily dirty mass as the lubricant remains wet and attracts dust.

    Dry, on the other hand, seems to comprise of what I assume is some sort of solvent as a medium to carry the lubricant and ensure good coverage. The solvent base then evaporates off. The chain will get dirty in time though.

    By using dry on a chain already treated with wet you are most likely causing the solvent to partailly clean the chain. I cant see any harm in it myself.

    Personally, I would clean the chain between each application along with the cassette. Perhaps its just me and my OCD :roll:
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  • You don't need to put much lube on, and probabably only once every few weeks /1 month. I fully clean the chain and cassette with white spirit before reapplying.... You may as well clean the bike while you do this also.

    Cleaner is faster! :D