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How much does it really effect comfort of ride?

I have had a back injury and most people say get a carbon with a "relaxed" geometry?

Does this really mean high front end with adjustable stem, long head tube and a compact frame?

It appears that the Roubiax and sypnase are the two main machines?

Is this only beneficial for long rides, say over 50 miles, otherwise any bike will not be a problem?




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    There are bikes built for different things. Just like with cars, they each have a different type of purpose.

    The geometry determines both the bike handles, and the comfort. Race geometry generally has you more stretched out, and a bit lower on the front end to keep weight really planted. I have "race geometry" on my bike, and I find it decently comfortable, although I am no newbie when it comes to bikes. The material generally won't make a huge difference for the average rider other than aesthetics.

    The most important thing to worry about is fit, if you get a relaxed frame that doesn't fit well, you have wasted your money. Try a few bikes on for size, and sometimes just switching the stem on a race bike will get you the comfort you need.