Groupset and wheels?

zachman123 Posts: 7
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looking to buy a max 150 pound groupset and a 200 pound set of wheels, preferably 2nd hand as they are cheaper, anyone selling or any advice on where to look?


  • P_Tucker
    P_Tucker Posts: 1,878
    For the groupset, suggest you try a bin behind your local bike shop.
  • reallly? do they get thrown out a lot in perfect working order
  • P_Tucker
    P_Tucker Posts: 1,878
    Not usually, but its probably your best hope.
  • night_porter
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    This is easy to answer.

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    You can buy Shimano 105 - 5600 groupset & Shimano WHR-500 wheels for the grand sum of £344.95

    Maybe doesn't break down the way you were expecting but 10 speed Shimano complete with wheels for under £350 is incredible value for money!