How much is it worth?

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This is my Virtuoso, Im not sure what year it is! It's 14 speed and equiped with Shimano RSX. It's got the original wheels. It's just had a service and is running as it should. It's 55cm and has an adjustable stem. In general good condition. Just had new bar tape and a new front tyre and tube.

What do you lot reckon it's worth?


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    You'll probably make more money by splitting the frame and components, otherwise use £100 as a guide price.
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    anyone else got any comments?
  • Benchmarking against other Virtuoso's on eBay I'd say £100 is the upper range you can expect to get, especially as the new Virtuoso is currently retailing at £299. If my memory serves, 7-speed RSX were mid-1990s groupset so the bike is getting on in years. I'd think you can expect to get between £50-£100.
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    £50-£60 max

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    if you can get over £50 for it bite their hand off
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    I wasn't expecting massive amounts for it but after taking it for a spin this evening just to check all is running well I might just keep it and use it as my commuter, it was surprisingly pleasant to ride!