Whats going on with my Garmin??

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I've got a Garmin Edge 705 and after plotting a really simple route on mapmyride I uploaded it and set off.

A large section of the route ran along the A66 yet at every turn the Garmin was trying to send me off at a tangent onto other roads that ran nowhere near my route. In the end I switched it off and relied on the back-up paper map I always carry on rides instead.

Is this something to do with my plotting, the website I've used or is the machine knackered?? I'm at a loss as to why it could be giving me such ridiculous guidance.


  • andrewjoseph
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    you need to check the unit to see what preferences you have set:

    avoid main roads: yes/no
    offroad: yes/no
    autoroute: yes/no

    i suspect you have avoid main roads to 'yes' and it is trying to take you off at every opportunity.

    Also autoroute may be playing a part, I have this turned off.

    check the garmin users forum for more info.
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    Did you plot a Route (.GPX) or a Course (.TCX). I had trouble with routes re-routing, the bread crumb trail courses work better for me.
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  • rodgers73
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    .gpx for all my routes.

    If anyone has a link to the Garmin users forum I'd be grateful
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  • a_n_t
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    I found using mapsource to be the only reliable way to use gpx files as it uses the same maps. Online routing I'd use tcx.
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    The cycle Garmins are utterly abysmal pieces of equipment.

    They're also irritatingly the best thing there is, so you've got to trick it into playing nicely. I'd recommend plotting the route on bikeroutetoaster and exporting as a tcx. You'll loose the turn-by-turn navigation, but it hopefully won't crash, turn itself off, or send you back home via a motorway after two miles.
  • StillGoing
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    www.gpsies.com Plot your route, ensure you set Wav points, save it to your device and off you go. As said though, check your preferences in settings.
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  • rodgers73
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    Thanks guys - next trip is London-Paris so I hope I can get it working ok!