Bike Insurance advice needed...

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Can anyone recommend a decent and competitively priced insurance for me and my bikes?

Are these guys any good -


  • PieterM
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    This has been discussed numerous times on this forum. Do a search.
    The M&S home insurance is often recommended as it covers your home contents including bikes (up to £4k individual value I believe).
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  • sungod
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    yep, m&s

    they do above 4k as well, but above that value you have to declare the items up front

    choose the option for cover away from home, then your property is covered worldwide, it's excellent
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  • nferrar
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    Yeah hard to fault M&S, the specialist bike insurers are just crazy expensive (10% of bike's value per year) and often have much more stringent conditions (i.e. get-out-of-paying clauses). Just recently had to declare a new bike to M&S due to the value, even then the premium addition is less than 1% of the bike's value.
  • ianlash
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    Direct Line Home Insurance Plus (not the normal one) covers bikes. Not had to claim though.
  • jediblade
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    I've been with the ETA now for 18 months and while not having had to claim the pricing is decent and they reduced my renewal to meet E&L this year.
  • plowmar
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    At lower levels the majority of household policies will cover for a small addition to premium.

    But Nferrar is right the specialists do tend to be expensive. Just research for what you need / want and buy accordingly.