New bike, £1,300 budget - am i missing something?

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Hey everyone,

Yes, i know, another 'what bike' thread! However i am not asking you what i should get, but what else i should consider within my budget!

Was riding for around 2 years before having the last 6 months off (due to living in Dubai where i would end up dead if i cycled!) and when i arrive home ill be back at it. Currently got a sora equipped 09 Allez, which is soon to be turned into my winter hack/commuter. It has served me very well indeed, but i feel it is time to pick up something a little better, for the spring/summer and sportives.

Budget is around £1,300 and so far i am considering SRAM Rival equipped Ribble Gran Fondo or Planet X Pro Carbon, or a 105 equipped CAAD 10 from Leisure Lakes (i hope to try get to sit on these at the very least!). I appreciate buying a bike is very personal, i tried several entry level bikes before settling on the Allez, so i am not asking you to tell me what bike i should buy, but at this price point, is there any glaring beauty i have neglected to consider?

The one bonus with the Cannondale is i get can interest free finance on it, which is certainly helping my decision.




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    Perhaps the Cube Agree Pro for a little more cash: ... _39686.htm
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    Have changed up from an Allez (04 Triple) to the Gran Fondo with RIVAL.

    GF is an excellent bike and the swap from a 54 (labelled 53.5) Allez frame to a large Gran Fondo has worked really well for me. A very comfortable and swift bike. Rival takes a little getting used to after the SORA changers but much more positive change.

    Hope this helps since I have made the same change as you are contemplating.
    Allez Triple (hairy with mudguards) - FCN 4
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