Time for a new group set?

Joe Waugh
Joe Waugh Posts: 13
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I'm currently riding with a dura ace 7403 groupset so it's fairly old but it hasn't had such a hard life as far as i know (it's technically my dad's bike) but would i get an advantage with upgrading to Sram red or the latest Dura ace.
Or should i be spending money on somthing else?


  • matt5311
    matt5311 Posts: 29
    depends on what the bike is. there is a serious difference between 7403 and 7900 or even 7800. if the frame n wheels aint much good then it would be like fitting ceramic brakes to an old mini and a wast of money
  • balthazar
    balthazar Posts: 1,565
    Most components in a "groupset" are involved with changing gears. If your bike currently changes between gears fine then where do you imagine an "advantage" might be hiding?!

    Shimano DA hubs are as good as it gets, regardless of age... and brakes are just brakes, powered by your hand. That's kind of it. If it works fine, save your money; but if you must spend it, how about something properly show-off like a glitzy new paint-job.