Hello all, another newbie here soon to hit the roads....

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Just thought I'd introduce myself in my first every post on a cycling forum.

28 years old, live in a small village close to the Fens (no climbs for me), a nice ride away from from the North Norfolk coast. I'll await the jokes!

Did a bit of research on entry level road bikes and visited a couple of local bike shops (is that lbs?). The second one I visited was Noel's Craft Cyclelife in Boston. Met a very nice bloke called Scott who let me test a few bikes ranging from £500-1000. Eventually plumped for the Trek 1.2 that was on offer at £600. Picking it up this Saturday and very excited.

I have planned to spend some time getting used to the bike and improving my fitness levels before looking at possibly joining one of the two local cycling clubs. Bit wary of looking a bit crap compared to the other members though.

I would be grateful for any advice you guys could give on setting out on the roads properly for the first time. Whilst I am very excited at getting into it seriously, I am still a bit anxious at doing things right and easing myself in appropriately.


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    welcome bunts,think you,ve answered your own question in the last paragraph :D

    enjoy the bike and the new found freedom :D
    now sharing my plods on
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    Don't forget to look at the view. Cycling is a fine way to see the place in a different way. Stop whenever, take pictures, nose around: don't fall for all this masochistic "training" stuff (unless you really intend to compete in races). Your body will naturally handle the athletic challenge, and get better at it without you noticing. As long as you can ride a bike, there's nothing much more to learn- you'll just get faster.

    Riding in a group is an acquired skill, but you can only learn by doing so. It's about sharing the effort, and being always conscious of each other. Usually, considerate and unselfish people do just fine, like driving.
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    welcome to the greatest sport on earth!

    Just get out and enjoy yourself. Depending on your fitness don't put pressure on yourself to ride certain distances or speeds too soon, that will come with time. As long as you've got a spare tube / pump and enough water, you cannot go far wrong.

    I took my bike over your way on a holiday earlier this year - not many hills as you say, but mile after mile of quiet lanes and pleasant villages to meander through.