SuperSix frameset only?

rjsmith Posts: 1,924
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Anyone know anywhere selling the SuperSix frameset on its own please? I'm after a 56cm and might want to avoid buying the full 2011 bike with 105 since I ride SRAM on the rest of my bikes.


  • ajmitchell
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    not sure, ask cannondale dealer. They do make an SRAM version for £3500 or so ... -2011.aspx
  • Garry H
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    Never seen a Cannondale frameset for sale in the UK, although I know you can get them from the US. Still worth checking out with the UK distributor though. Otherwise try E-Bay.

    Not sure which SRAM Groupset you're after, or how much you have to spend, but you can get SRAM Red Super Six Hi-Mod here for GBP 3040, using discount code TDF-20. ... -8291.aspx
  • TMR
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    Good luck - I tried the same thing and was told I couldn't buy a frame on it's own. I bought a full bike in the end.

    I suggest you just buy the colour way you like as a full bike, strip off what you don't want and eBay it.