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2 year old - seat options

MattRhinoMattRhino Posts: 70
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My daughter is 2 years old in just less than a month and I want to get some sort of seat to take her out asap.
I ride an Orange Clockwork. Any ideas, suggestions as to the best options for seats etc?




  • GussioGussio Posts: 2,452
    We went for the Hammax Siesta (twice) and have no regrets. Others will recommend the CoPilot Limo, which is also excellent (but needs, I think, a rack).

  • Try a weeride from mothercare I fitted one to my stumpy due to the odd shaped from there were no other options
  • Pipster3Pipster3 Posts: 82
    I've got a LOCT saddle which has transformed how we ride on and offroad ... my son is now 3 1/2 and grins from ear to ear everytime we get the bike out :))) they are difficult to get hold of but well worth the money see link
  • I brought this seat the Bellelli Child Bike Seat from halfords about a month ago due to the fact it was on offer and i ahd some vouchers to use. i read all the reviews and seemed good, have taken my daughter out in it a few times due to weather and she loves it, fits easy to my mtb and can leave the bracket on on still fit on cycle carrier, only downfall is amount of padding on seat but copes well with the bumps of tow paths and off road tracks, have to adjust ur cycling style feet need be more forward to stop ur heels hitting the seats feet rests. but for the amount of times we go out it does the job. plus she likes the fact she can race her brother who rides with us.
  • Phil_DPhil_D Posts: 467
    I have one of these. ... B002ANCDV4

    We think it's great. So much better than the ones that sit behind you. The kids are able to see in front of them and you can talk to them at the same time. I have it attached to a rockhopper and although I wouldn't do too much off roading in it, I have taken it up some steep slopes and there have never been issues with safety.

    You can remove them very easily when not in use.
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