Shingles advice :-(

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Following in EBH's footsteps, I've now 'managed' to contract shingles. :cry:
Docs put me on Aciclovir to battle the blossom; and i'm hoping someone out there has some general advice/pointers re bike time?
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    Stay off the bike and take it easy. My mrs contracted shingles in the inner ear without realising it, she continued overdoing it like a lot of people and paid the price. The virus attacked her vesitubler nerve and permanantly ruined her sense of balance. Even now 4 years on she has a lot of problems stemming from the shingles attack.
    Her consultant has told her that the increase in cases of shingles amongst younger people has been very marked. The damage to the area affected also tends to be worse as a lot of people shrug it off as a minor rash and leave it too late to see a doctor and start treatment.
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    I had this when I went through uni and exams, the doc said it was likely brought on by stress.
    I thought it was shaving rash and it only developed under and around my neck. I didn't feel any different in any way and the doc said she'd not even bother with cream now as it was too far developed to actually do any good.

    I just took a dose of mtfu and got on with life. :D
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    Tough break dude.

    I had this when I overdid it one year. Apparently it the virus is in your body and pops out when you over exercise and your immunity is lower.

    The pain was unbearable. Luckily I had mine over the winter months so it was ok to rest up. It'll be tough to stay off the bike in the summer months but you need to rest up and give your body a chance to build up its immunity again.
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  • thanks guys.
    i don't actually feel too bad. the patch just below the left nipple is sore and more a case of discomfort over pain.
    Thought i had caught it in time to nip it in the bud, but discovered an emerging patch round the back this morning in the shower :(
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    Yeah, stay off the bike, and keep the rashes covered.
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    I had shingles about 6 wks ago, i blamed it on a new baby and cycling everyday while the wife was off(burning the candle at both ends).
    The doc put me on anti-virrals and painkillers, i carried on cycling everyday but i didn't push too hard and it cleared up in a week, the ribs still ache where the spots were but i was told that the ache could last for 6mths.

    I thought a previous reply had failed but there's another shingles post in training,
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    I had shingles seven years ago, it was the catalyst for me to sort myself out to get fit and got me cycling again.

    It can take quite some time to get fully fit, you tend to hit a wall and run out of energy, so take care.

    I had it in my mouth and on one side of my chin, even after all this time I still get tingles in that area if I'm stressed.

    Just be careful, it can't come back in the same place twice, my Doc said, but you don't want to over do it and make the recovery longer

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