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Sherwood Pines + CTC: Open Ladies Day July 16+17

GingieGingie Posts: 98
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Sherwood pines and CTC are doing an open ladies weekend.

It's FREE to attend and there will be coaching to suit all abililties.

For more information click the link below:

Who's thinking of going along??


  • sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
    I'd like to go, but there's nowt for the driver to do, he'll not go riding alone as he's a miserable git who doesn't like doing anything lol
    Caz xx
  • Adnams82Adnams82 Posts: 22
    Hi Caz,

    I am thinking of going on the Sunday.
    Will probably have my OH with me who will be looking for some other guys to go ride with if your driver wants company?
    We don't know sherwood that well though so would probably just be riding the marked trail and some runs down the park bit.


  • Hey Caz/Sacha,

    Me and the better half are also heading to the pines on Sunday. Will prob see what's happening tuition wise then have a ride round if you fancy joining us?

    Sacha - were you at air maiden last weekend?
    "office jobs suck"
  • Adnams82Adnams82 Posts: 22
    Hi konalisa,

    Yes I was at Airmaiden :) Wish I was back there again.
    Were you on a White kona 120 and wearing a 661 full face helmet?

    As for next weekend meeting up for a ride sounds great. The ctc thing starts at 10 so will probably aim to be there then to see what they are offering. Do you know Sherwood well?

    Are you also going to Cannock Chase to ride with Julie from Airmaiden on Saturday?


  • Hey Sacha!

    Yep, that was me at air maiden! My friend Jess went last year and completely raved about it so I knew it was going to be good but it was actually completely awesome... I loved every minute!

    So I'm guessing you live in the midlands area then.... Whereabouts? Yep, I'm heading to Cannock on Saturday with Julie... Are you? And we'll prob get to the pines just after 10 on Sunday...looking forward to meeting you at next weekends rides!

    I don't know sherwood pines that well but funnily enough the guy from the bike shop is going to show me around the off piste stuff this week while I test out a bike he has for sale... Should be good!

    I've just sent you a friend request on faceache... Green ragley right?... I remember me and Neil admiring it at maiden!
    "office jobs suck"
  • Adnams82Adnams82 Posts: 22
    Hi Sarah,

    Yup Green Ragley is me. We are in Burton On Trent so pretty centrally located.
    Are you from the Midlands too?

    Look forward to seeing you on the weekend, any idea what time and where we are meeting on Saturday?

    Enjoy your test ride.

    Cheers, Sacha
  • MissBint37MissBint37 Posts: 1,503
    I am thinking of heading over there on the SUnday, not sure what the more advanced coaching is, but, fingers crossed it is worth getting up early for on my only day off!!!
    Ride it like you stole it!
  • hootshoots Posts: 134
    For anyone who's interested in going on the sunday, I've just had some more details from the CTC.
    The morning session will look at basic off road and cycling techniques. The afternoon session starts to build on specific off road techniques (e.g. wheelies, manuals, drop offs, etc).

    Mrs H has done a few skills sessions, so is OK on basics, but she might be interested in attending the afternoon session. I guess we'll see how the weather pans out (she won't start a ride if it's gonna rain for the whole duration...err...I'm not complaining :wink: ) I guess we'll be there on the drier day, just for a change from Peak D. We're both very familiar with Pines and the off-piste stuff, so if anyone wants to join us roaming around, let us know.
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