Marin Lombard for winter touring and commute opinions

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Hi I have a trek 1.2 but want a commute/tour /winter bike im looking at the Marin Lombard its just in my budget range any thoughts please


  • Duffer65
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    Marin make good bikes, I had a Muirwoods and only got rid of it because I only have room for one bike. The Jamis Bosanova has been getting some good reviews recently and has a slightly better spec for the money than the Lombard.
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  • random man
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    I've been looking for a new tourer for some time and had a look at the Lombard and Bossanova but have decided on a Revolution Country Explorer from Edinburgh Bike Coop. It's got everything I'm looking for - disc brakes, Sora shifters - at the right price.
  • Ive got the lombard from On your bike in brum and im very pleased it rides quick and stops as quickly there was a dink in the frame but the lbs just swapped it out next day very happy with the service from them after a shakey start but they helped me through buying it with pause. its like a stealth fighter, love the colour. ive yet to put racks on it as it, might not
  • I looked this but is it running the Marin oversize front forks? Huge gap between wheel and fork arch making it difficult to get a mud guard to fit well? I had this problem on a muirwood 29er
  • redtomuk
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    had the lombard now awhile and ive taken the awful orange lyratec disk brakes off (spelling) and changed them for avid bb7's instantly better i have front and rear racks and changed the cassette for the hill /heavy loads. I still enjoy taking the racks off and doing fast city commute or days out, it is a very comfy ride.