Gerring frustrated - cannot adjust front gear - pics

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Hi all,

I wanted to adjust the gears on my bike as they were not that smooth, so after watching some youtube vids I had a go. The back one went fine but the fron is a nightmare as I cannot alter the adjust.

I initially thought there was no barrel adjust but I notice that there is a barrel near the front fork that the cable runs through? However ,The thing will not turn. Is there a a certain way they need to be turned? do I need to pull the clip back first?

Please help.



  • crescent
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    They look very similar to mine and they just turn normally without having to pull any clips out of the way. It looks like the barrel is at the end of its clockwise travel meaning that any further adjustments will be anti-clockwise and increasing the tension further. Is the cable already tight? If so, the barrels can be difficult to turn as you are trying to apply even more tension to an already tight cable. I tend to position the barrel somewhere around the mid position allowing me to apply minor adjustments in either direction once the cable ha been connected in the first instance. Hope this helps.
    Just a small point, you look as if you may have cycled over some 'suspect' material there at some point, might be worth hosing your tyres before you get too close to that :wink:

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    The framestop barrel adjusters often corrode to the frame if they are not maintained or used. Sounds like that's what's happened to you.
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    Cheers guys, so I am right in assuming these are designed to unscrew?
    I did a search and seen some road bikes have no adjust on the front - I did think perhaps that is what I have.

    I'm going to have spray with some WD40. See if that helps.

    (will also remove the pooh - thanks Crescent!)
  • desweller
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    Yep they should unscrew.

    It is possible to break them off if they're well seized, mind. As I know to my cost. It will help a little if you release the front derailleur cable clamp during 'unsticking' operations as the front mech return spring will be axially loading the framestop, which won't help your cause.

    If you can find some Plusgas then that is a better bet than WD40.
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  • Bike-Rich
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    Nightmare guys, I managed to get the screws out but half of it stayed in the barrel :(

    Now if will not scew back in.
  • MichaelW
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    Did a bit snap off and stay in the brazeon?
    Leave wd40 on for a day or two then go digging. You might get some purchase with two nails sticking out at angles, then stick a small bar between to rotate. This might need 3 hands. Good bikeshops may have some special tool for recovering broken bolts.
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    I wouldn't panic just yet. I would have thought that worst comes to worst you could drill out the broken screw and then fit a barrel adjuster into the left hand shifter and slide the cable outer into the boss where the old adjuster was. Looks a tricky area to get to mind.
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  • Bike-Rich
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    Cheers again guys.

    Took awhile and was a real tricky job but I managed to drill it out! Purchased some new screws and all is good! Really glad its sorted.

    Few questions if that is ok:

    Is it normal for the gear and brake to be on opposite handle? i.e front brake and rear de-railer on same side bar?

    Secondly, the new adjuster barrely screws I purchased were these:


    See them little clips that go over the thread? what is that for?
    I ask only as when I was screwing them in the hole, that little clip popped off and I cant find it.

    Kind regards,
  • woodywmb
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    Your brakes and gears are set up correctly. Front derailleur lever along with back brake. Forget about the small locking clips. These are not needed after the cables are set up. I suggest you plug the inside of the barrel adjuster with grease to keep the movement working sweetly. (It also prevents road grit getting in and jamming up the works).