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Selling things not related to bikes

MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
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Hey everyone, do we have the ability anywhere to sell thngs on this site not bike related. I hate ebay with a passion due to fees which I find way too high, and need to get 2 things sold. Am I allowed to pop them in the for sale sections, or will it just be removed since they arn't bike related?

It's a Diesel watch, and a HP usb to hdmi conversion device for computers with no hdmi output. Works well for connecting to new monitors that have hdmi ports, or to tvs and such.

Where could I pop them?


  • bill57bill57 Posts: 454
  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,667
    OK well as you appear to be based in Austria I doubt this forum is the best place to be selling things as the cost will no doubt be inflated by the postal fees.

    ebay is an evil place but unfortunately it is also the best place to sell stuff
  • MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
    I always ship for free to England, as I have sold many bike parts on here back to England. My parents also still live in the UK, so I have a base there still.
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