Easton EA50s: any good?

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Hi guys,

I recently bought a second-hand Condor Fratello to act as my commuter/winter bike which came with a pair of Easton EA50s. From what I read, the EA50s are a decent wheel, but a bit of a byatch to change tyres on and I was wondering if this is something I should consider when deciding whether to keep them or not. I have a bike I plan to sell very soon that has a pair of Mavic Open Pros on it and I guess I could nab them, but I am slightly reluctant to do so for the very silly reason that this bike, being a ten-year-old retro beauty, really wouldn't suit the Eastons.

Hang on to the Eastons and maybe consider upgrading in the future, or swap for the Open Pros?



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    I got these. No trouble getting the tyres on and off...well no more trouble than any other wheel I have used. However, the rear wheel developed excess play almost straight away. Bearings, freehub and axle were replaced under warranty. Also, have broken 2 spokes in just over 2,000 miles.

    I am sorely tempted to Ebay them and get a set of RS80's.

    Easton EA50'S..smiley_swirlie_shit.gif
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    Thanks! I must admit, they don't look like quality. I think I might just run them as commuter wheels and look to buy a pair of something half decent for training rides.