Need a semi all round bike!

Im Bald Ok
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I took part in my first race at Hillingdon on Saturday and would like to start racing properly at the beginning of next year. However I only have one geared bike (a Specialized Tarmac) that I don't want to race on.

I'm looking for a 'second' bike to predominantly race on but also to be a 'good' bad weather bike I can train on.

Unless I can find a completely built up bike bargain, I'm looking to build an Aluminium frame up from scratch.

Can anyone suggest a decent frameset for this purpose? Looking to spend no more than 1.5k on the whole build. That's the absolute max as I have a half decent set of wheels.


  • Pseudonym
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    I race on a Tarmac - it's an excellent race bike - that's what it was designed for...

    However - Kinesis KR510 or ProLite Bella would probably fit your description.....
  • Monty Dog
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    Planet-X team aluminium, particularly as you're racing at Hillingdon 'cos it won't break your heart when you chuck it down the road!
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..