Tubular choice for Time Trials

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Moving over to tubs for testing anyone any ideas for the best tyre between £35-£50

Looking at Conti Podium TT 22mm (seem to get a bad write up on here but new version seems different with black chilli compound lighter. etc....Anyone using these?)



  • moonshine
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    i used Vitorria Corsa CX last year with no problems, but the rear was spent bay the end of the season... felt lovely but cut up a bit (but no punctures) and flatspotted easily if the back wheel locled up by mistake.

    Used a set of Vittoria Paves this season, as i'd rather drop a couple of sec than puncture as our roads are terrible and they are reputably a bit more robust and puncture proof than the Corsas. still great tyres and i've just done a 58:27 '25 with them on Sunday, so can't be that bad.

  • incog24
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    What courses are you doing? Vittoria chrono is a good shout for the better condition roads. Corsa if you're doing something a bit rougher. I wouldn't go for anything more robust personally although I guess that's weight dependant. Personally I've got a corsa on the HED3C and a Pro 3 on the powertap. I've been tempted to switch to a chrono on the front and a conti supersonic on the back, but I'm put off by the cost and like having a bit of puncture protection.
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  • Im on courses around northwest area so not so smooth. Currently doing low 22's and low 57's on deep section clinchers so would like something fast to break into 21's and 56's area. Not too worried about wear but would like puncture protection. Weight 12.04
  • danowat
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    Vittoria Corsa CX, I've used these since the start of the season in March, and they have proven to be a very good all round TT tubular.
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    Yep vittoria CXs. But then again, do you really expect much of a difference from your clinchers? Unless you're switching to a different deeper/disc wheel I doubt you will. There's not much difference between tubs and clinchers rolling wise if the biketech rolling data is to be believed. From my own data this season, I only got 10w difference (same time on 10w less) when swapping from my training front wheel (solitude + durano s) to my race wheel (HED3C + vittoria corsa cx) and I'd put covers on my rear wheel. There was also a fair 5-6degree increase in temperature between the days. I doubt you'll get enough extra watts in the bag to drop your time ~15s off just changing tyres. If you're really looking for some 'free speed', you'd be better off hiring a powertap or srms and using golden cheetah to do some testing of your position.

    However if you've already got power, or just fancy bling new wheels, go for it! It just might not be the best £/Watt buy.
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    Corsa cx are superb as are veloflex carbon-i'd go for the veloflex
  • Thanks for that. I will have a look
  • Pokerface
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    Vittoria Crono are the fastest I've used. You can buy the 20mm version for £40 each on eBay. The newer 22mm ones are £55 a pop.

    The CX isnt as fast but more robust.

    I'm using the Cronos to go for my fastest times.
  • Thanks Pokerface