Ritchey stubby query

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I'm looking at buying one of these for my ISP on the road bike.

If I get this service kit: http://www.winstanleysbikes.co.uk/produ ... t_Seatpost

Where do I buy the clamping parts from?


  • Monty Dog
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    You could try the Ritchey International website (link is on www.ritcheylogic.com) or otherwise try and find someone who sells the whole stubby and clamp assembly.
    Might be worth trying one of the big European online dealers because UK support for Ritchey parts appears to be pretty poor at present and prices at a considerable premium.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • styxd
    styxd Posts: 3,234
    Thanks, do you have an recommendations for a european retailer?

    The reason I was looking at that service kit option is because it appears in the size I need (38.25mm x 70mm with what looks like a 25mm layback)