Kium or Manganese saddle rails

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£25.00 difference in price between the Fizik Arione with Manganese rails and Kium rails, Kium being the more expensive.

In the real world what's the difference? Is it worth £25.00


  • chrishd883
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    Haven't ridden both - but doubt you'd notice any difference in ride quality!

    So what's the difference in weight?
    And are you prepared to pay £25 for that saving?
    I guess it depends upon how much of a "weight-weenie" you are
    Are you trying to build a super light bike?

    If you are looking for weight savings then Selle Italia do some very light saddles.
    Or if it's the Arione shape - the Planet-X saddle is very similar.
    Maybe not quite as nice looking but very very simlar in shape.
    Doesn't take the Fizik clip on saddle bags / lights though!
  • petemadoc
    petemadoc Posts: 2,331
    I am tempted by Selle Italia saddles

    They just look sweeeet
  • danowat
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    PeteMadoc wrote:
    In the real world what's the difference? Is it worth £25.00


    I've got saddles with Cro-mo rails, and a saddle with titanium rails, can tell no difference between them
  • chrishd883
    chrishd883 Posts: 159
    I currently ride on a mix of Arione's and the P-X saddle.
    But thinking about trying out one of the Selle Italia saddles on my new build.
    As you say - They do look good!