How many spokes ?

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Realised I'd posted the below in the wrong place...

Apologies if this is covered in another thread but I have searched.

I think my current 32 spoke (front and back) wheels need replacing. The bike is used mainly for commuting with occasional light touring. I like the current rims (mavic cpx 22) as they are aero - I like to commute quickly. I'd like to stick to 32s but the market seems limited. I'm wondering about 36 spoke as there seems to be more choice but would they be noticeably heavier ?

How about 24 front and 28 rear ? Would they stand the rough cycle tracks on my commute and a bit of touring ?

I weigh 13 stone if that helps.


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    I'm surprised you find 36 spoke rims more available- I thought they'd take a back seat to 32 spoke rims, the "standard" for years.

    More spokes allow a lighter rim which may offset the weight of the extra spokes, and have the significant benefit that a broken spoke usually doesn't end your ride, because it only causes a small wheel wobble. All else even, the built wheel is stronger and more durable.

    Fewer spokes demand a heavier rim, to bridge longer arches between spokes, but create a more aerodynamic wheel, if you care about that. In practice, available rims tend to be of similar weight regardless of drilling, so fewer spokes usually mean lighter wheels (with a potential cost for durability).

    I'm in a minority here in having no interest in slight differences in "performance" of this stuff... but I give a considerable damn for durability, and I don't care to end a ride early unless it can't be helped. Consequently, I'll always choose 32 or 36 spokes.
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    +1 to above, but with caveat that I am 10.5 - 11.5 stone depending on how many pies I've quaffed and I have ridden 20/24 (Aksiums/Model B's) all over the country and never pinged a spoke. Also have seen someone ping a spoke and finish their ride on a rear wheel by just loosening off the brake pad and zip tying up the spoke to stop it rattling.

    However, if you are really riding rough ground and if you want to tour, then I think a 32 spoke set up would suit you better. As for the pose factor, I think Rapha continental riders ride 32 hole mavic open pros laced to Chris King hubs and they look pretty fly: and
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    I'd recommend 32 spoke wheels too. Speak to a specialist wheelbuilder for advise on suitable rims, plenty still available but not through your LBS.
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    For rims try Mavic CXP33, IRD Cadence or Halo Mercury
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    What sort of tyres are you thinking of running. I'm looking at buying something similar with 30mm tyres. I'm trying to keep the price down as much as possible but not at the expense of quality. I've pretty much got it down to Tiagra hubs with Rigida Snyper hubs (36 spoke) form Spa Cycles.

    If you're thinking of 25mm tyres Spa have an offer on for 105 hubs with Rigida Chrina rims at the moment. All of these are handbuilt
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    I'm running 28mm marathons at the moment and will probably stick with them. I've seen some reviews on the main bikeradar site for some 32 spoke tiagra hubbed wheels which look ok. I'll have a look at spa.
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    Does anyone have experience of this company ? ... wheels.php