Setting up brakes for new wheelset

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Hi all
I have a 2011 Allez Comp and have recently upgraded the stock wheelset to American classic sprint 350's.
The problem is that no matter how much i tinker with the brakes i just cant seem to get them set up right.I have nowhere near the stopping power than i had with the stock wheelset.Could somebody just run through the steps i should take to set the brakes up properly?ie what clearance should there be between the brake block and wheel?how do i adjust them to get toe in?and how do i get the right tension etc?
Any tips would be much appreciated.


  • topdude
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    There is some good advice on the Park Tools site and YouTube for setting up brakes :D
    He is not the messiah, he is a very naughty boy !!
  • James-d
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    Thanks for that.Still having problems trying to "toe in" my brake pads.Can somebody shed some light as to how i can do this on 105(5700) brakes?
    Also do you toe in front and rear brakes or just the front ones?
  • Yossie
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    Bear in mind that if you are using the old pads on the new wheels that it will take a while for the pads to bed in to the new braking surface - may account for some loss of braking power.

    If you have fitted new pads then ignore me - apols.