bike fit or turbo?

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Now that I've had the Allez for a few months it feels comfortable, but i do get the occasional pain, in particular in my left knee. This might be an old rugby injury rearing its head though.

Now the decision on the next step (read 'expense') , turbo trainer (for winter and with baby #2 arriving soon it will be easier to fit in riding time) or a bike fit to check the fit and try to cure the niggly knee?

I'm in Surrey, near Guildford so bike fit suggestions (including price) would be good
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  • Simmotino
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    I'd say bike fit personally.

    The turbo would benefit some of the time, but a bike fit would benefit ALL of the time IMO. You only get one set of knees, too, so worth going for the bike fit just to make sure it's not the bike making that old injury worse (and then the turbo would be of no use anyway).

    As for where, I think Cycle Kingdom in Fleet do the bike fit service, or there's Sigma Sport in Kingston. Not sure on price to be honest, but I think it's somewhere around the £50 mark.
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    a slightly different view - I am guessing you use cleats?

    Go visit "On Your Bike" Arrange to see Denver about a cleat fit
    Denver Collins
    0207 3786669

    best £25 I have ever spent, I didnt take my bike with me but he let me use one they had and told me the measurement for my saddle height which was a 10mm lower than what mine was at and it felt so much better, no foot, ankle or knee pain, clipping in feels much easier as well.

    leaves you some money to get a turbo as well, might be worth looking on here as theres a few bargains to be had
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    Definitely bike fit, in particular to focus on cleat / foot alignment which is usually cause of knee problems
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    Definitely go for a fit.I had toyed with the idea for months and took the plunge about three weeks ago and had a Retul fit done.When the guy looked at me on the bike he said my position didn't look too bad. In fact he Changed cleat position by 3mm saddle back 5mm saddle height increased by 6mm,increased saddle angle by 1degree and rotated front bars.All fairly small amounts but the difference is amazing.My 25 mile route that I do. During the week took me 6 minutes lees on 1st ride after the fit. I feel a lot more comfortable on the bike and a lot more powerful.I would have loved to have had before and after power figures.Yep would defo go for the fit!
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    Bike fit. :idea:
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  • pease
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    looks like a bike fit is the way forward then. Has anybody ever used Bike Kingdom for a fit? theres plenty of threads about sigma sport which is a much pricer option...
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    Bike fit for sure, turbos are the work of the devil :twisted:
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    Go for the pro bike fit and borrow a pal's trainer for a while. Wouldn't want to log more miles indoors on a trainer with poor bike position.

    In my experience, knee pain can also result from saddle height and knee over pedal position.

    There are good resources available on-line and in print for bike fit. Read up on it before the pro fit and it will help you understand what they are doing and why. Good luck!
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