Van / MPV internal bike rack w/out removing front wheel?

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I've scoured the internet with my limited skills. Basically I'm after buying a system to secure 2 possibly 3 bikes in the rear of a son to be purchased VW Transporter / Merc Vito MPV.

Most systems I can find are a rack that fits on the floor but it requires you to fix your ride to the rack via the front forks (hence requires removing the wheel).

I am after a more simple system ala roof rack where by I can secure via the wheels and a clamp to frame rather than mess about removing the wheel.

Anyone know or can recommend any such product out there?


  • topdude
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    How about 2 or 3 simple roof racks mounted to a wood frame inside the van :D
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  • giant_man
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    Minoura offer a bike rack for either one or two bikes you can install inside a van or estate car i think. Could be the thing you're after, I don't know. ... goryID=786

    but there again, it does require you to remove front wheel, sorry didn't read your comments properly :oops:
  • sgt822
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    Cheers gents. It looks like a custom job and a test of my DIY skills to mount some exterior roof racks onto a frame. Realy surprised noone has such a product though