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Which is the best Garmin? HR cadence etc?




  • Stu07
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    Depends what features etc you want/need.

    I do a lot of running as well as biking so for me the best option is a Garmin Forerunner 405 CX with the speed/cadence sensor. If you do triathlons then the Forerunner 310 XT is the choice.
    Both fit on the wrist or can be bike mounted, not too bulky and all the data from your outings inc route, ascent, hr and speed are recorded.

    Or are you after one solely for use on the bike. If so i would look at one of the Edge models. Although i dont know much about them, but im sure someone out there will.
  • chiark
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    As above, best depends on what you want.

    Do a bit of reading on the bikeradar reviews... But for bike alone use, the Edge 500 or 800 are superb. I have a 705 (predecessor to the 800) and given the way I use it as a cycle computer and data logger I'd be fine with a 500.

    If you want maps, go for the 800.

    The Forerunner is mightily temping if you're a runner, too...
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    500 all the time unless you want maps. If you do want maps, personally I'd go for a 705 at a discounted price over an 800. The 500 is the better training device.
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  • JamesB
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    seeing your Bike Radar thread would you be interested in a used Garmin Edge 305?

    Has HR, navigation, training etc, is in good condition and would be supplied with HR monitor, software, USB cable, charger etc. It has no mapping facilities which is something I now feel I need. Would do you a good price on it !
  • sgt822
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    I have the 800 Edge and Forerunner 405.

    The 405 is excellent for running and cycling but no mapping and sadly not enough battery life for a full tough sportive. Eg lasted the Manchester 100 but not the FWC.

    The 800 is superb and I love the multi data field and the mapping which means I can go wild and not worry about finding my way home.

    Depends on your use but I'd recommend the 800. I picked up a "bare" unit for £270 then downloaded opensource mapping. Already had a HRM for my 405 which works fine with the 800.